W o K     :     Ways of Knowing

What does it mean to really know something? Science has discovered an empirical and multi-generational way of obtaining verifiable knowledge in a limited domain of application. But what about areas traditionally assigned to ethics, and other topics not, or not yet, in the domain of what science studies? How do other ways of knowing relate to the way of science? Specifically, how do science and these other ways of knowing address questions of `what is' in the most fundamental sense? How can we approach contemplative traditions that in essence go beyond socio-cultural frameworks and beliefs and also explicitly emphasize seeing, learning, and hence knowing (vs. mere sensations or experience of one sort or another)? What is the relevance of explorations in these areas for human concerns, values, and modern life?

WoK offers a variety of materials, including interviews and submitted articles, exploring questions and issues raised by these questions. For the latest addition to WoK's featured content, go to "What's New".

Piet Hut (left) and Steven Tainer (right) starting up WoK.

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