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The WoK Experiment

The WoK experiment is an interactive exploration of reality. The questions to be addressed are basically "How far can we go in knowing reality directly? How must our way of knowing change and open up in order to see more? What specifically are we learning to see in this way, and what is its import and impact?"

The experiment consists of a series of email-based dialogues between Piet Hut and volunteers representing a variety of fields and perspectives. The experiment will begin on September 10, 2006, with a single volunteer. After the experiment has run for four weeks, a second volunteer will be included in the discussions, and after four weeks, a third volunteer will join in, et cetera. All emailed entries will be posted on WoK, unedited, as soon as they are sent, so WoK readers will have full access to the course of the experiment.

Note: starting in January of 2007, the WoK Experiment was complemented and extended by the WoK Practice Intensive. See Editor's Summary for a six-page overview of both the WoK Experiment and Practice Intensive.

September 10-October 10, 2006

October 11-November 14, 2006

November 15-December 19, 2006

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