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WoK Practice Intensive

The Practice Intensive is a followup to the WoK Experiment, but will investigate the same basic issues in more depth. Like the original Experiment, its participants include Piet Hut and volunteers representing a variety of fields and perspectives. In the Intensive, participants commit at the outset to follow a set of ground rules and guidelines guaranteeing daily practice and assessment of the results. As part of that commitment, participants will supply summaries of their practice results each Sunday, to be posted on WoK early each week (accessed from this page by clicking the links at the bottom, one for each cycle).

WoK encourages readers to follow the WoK Practice guidelines, making "lab" and "field" notes and writing their own summaries, just like the official participants.
WoK's Practice Intensive begins by continuing the focus that emerged during the Third Round of the WoK Experiment, involving concerted use of a "working hypothesis" model.

See Editor's Summary for a six-page overview of both the WoK Experiment and Practice Intensive.

January 7-April 3, 2007

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