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A Virtual Seminar


Projectual Identity and Biological Intelligence

Intelligent phenomena have certain fundamental properties, such as { a world, the capacity for action within the world, a model of desired state of self-within-the-world, a model of the actual state of self-within-the-world, the means to detect the difference between the desired-self and actual-self, the capacity to act to reduce this difference } where 'model' may be implicit or explicit. Biological intelligence in 3-space has additional properties, such as embodiment in contiguous space-time and government by game-theoretic value-systems required for replication in communal environments.

'Projectual Identity' is proposed as an intrinsic feature of biological intelligence which encompasses two aspects. First, there is no objective external world; rather, the world is pre-given to the organism as a purposeful model-of-self for which sensory stimuli are merely guide-posts within projects. Second, behavior, including reality as experienced from the 1st-person point-of-view, is governed by a dynamic project-graph providing an ever-present projectual-context to the perception-action loop. Biologically speaking, there is no world, only projects. Various philosophical issues associated with human intelligence and AI are addressed within this framework.

The talk was delivered relatively painlessly for the speaker, but could have been improved with the subtle give-and-take normally provided by visual feedback in the non-virtual world.

Sean Murphy

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